LED modules for light advertising and backlighting

BackLED Plus

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  • BackLED Mini S Plus G4
  • BackLED Mini M Plus G4
  • BackLED XS Plus G4
  • BackLED S Plus
  • BackLED S Plus G4
  • BackLED M Plus
  • BackLED M Plus G4
  • BackLED M Plus High Output G4
  • BackLED L Plus
  • BackLED L Plus G4
  • BackLED XL Plus
  • BackLED DS Plus
  • BackLED RGBW Plus
  • BackLED TW Plus

BoxLED Plus

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  • BoxLED XS Plus
  • BoxLED M Plus
  • BoxLED L Plus
  • BoxLED ECO Plus
  • BoxLED Indoor L Plus

BackLED Area

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Mounting profiles for SINAGE

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