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Sales unit
  • Length 5000mm
Product family features ja benefits
  • 24V Constant Voltage Dimmable LED strip Luminous flux range: 600lm/m, 1000lm/m, 1500lm/m, 2000lm/m
  • Small distance between LEDs enables high homogeneity
  • Color temperature: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K
  • Single color bin in 3SDCM
  • Improved self-adhesive backside for easy and reliable mounting
  • Design freedom and accurate match of installation size: cutting points every 50mm
  • Cables soldered one side for quick and safe installation
  • Current control technology for constant flux level along the module
  • Long lifetime: 50.000 hours
  • 5 Years OSRAM Guarantee
  • High Efficiency LED strips enabling energy saving
  • System solution in combination with OSRAM 24V Constant Voltage LED drivers, optional connectors, mounting accessories
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Product Color rendering index Ra Color temperature Luminous flux per meter Data sheet
TEC Flex Protect Shortpitch 1000S, TFP1000S-G1-940-05 50W 24V IP66 90 4000 K 1045 lm
TEC Flex Protect Shortpitch 1000S, TFP1000S-G1-935-05 50W 24V IP66 90 3500 K 1040 lm
TEC Flex Protect Shortpitch 1000S, TFP1000S-G1-927-05 50W 24V IP66 90 2700 K 970 lm
TEC Flex Protect Shortpitch 1000S, TFP1000S-G1-865-05 45W 24V IP66 80 6000 K 1120 lm
TEC Flex Protect Shortpitch 1000S,TFP1000S-G1-850-05 45W 24V IP66 80 5000 K 1130 lm
TEC Flex Protect Shortpitch 1000S,TFP1000S-G1-840-05 45W 24V IP66 80 4000 K 1080 lm
TEC Flex Protect Shortpitch 1000S,TFP1000S-G1-830-05 45W 24V IP66 80 3000 K 1110 lm
TEC Flex Protect Shortpitch 1000S, TFP1000S-G1-827-05 45W 24V IP66 80 2700 K 1030 lm


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